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      A name for a project like this is tricky. We want to convey what it is, but not infringe on anyone’s naming rights.

      So here’s the deal – we want to avoid portions of the names “RuneScape” or “Minecraft” in the name of this project.

      That means the following names are out: ScapeCraft, MineScape, RuneCraft, and anything similar.

      The name we’ve chosen temporarily, 07craft, is just that – temporary. It was the only on-a-whim name we could think of, but again – we want something unique. Preferably, short and with a domain available.

      Remember – the slogal/description at the moment is “RuneScape 2007 in Minecraft”. That summarises the project pretty well, and will most likely accompany the name (both in the logo and when mentioned on other sites).



        Honestly, the name 07craft is sort of growing on me.. here’s a v0.3 of the logo.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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