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      Note: Keep in mind everything is completely custom. And for certain things that aren’t (in this case, the button backgrounds) they are used legally with a certain license involved. Versioning on below items are based on my own progress throughout the design process and any suggestions made after the fact.

      Inventory v0.5
      The inventory is what people will be interacting with the most, so it needs to look good. So far I’ve got the basics down, like the gradients, sizing and positioning. I have yet to decide on the design for the armour slot icons and the borders on the main inventory – I’m thinking some sort of pillars, like in the RS 07 UI, but as it’s going to be custom that’ll be some hands-on pixel work I’d rather not start yet. Any suggestions and improvements are welcome below.
      Inventory v1

      Hotbar v0.2
      Being the UI that is literally always on-screen, it also has to look good. So far I have the item slots the way I want them, as well as the experience bar (this will show progress through the skill you’re currently actively levelling, like Mining). The gradient of the XP bar is based on that of the mob health bar, which I’ll show at a later date. Next I plan on designing the hearts (health), a prayer indicator (via food indicators), and most likely an ‘action cooldown’ (via either armour indicators or breathe indicators). These may change, for all I know I might want to add a sprint cooldown in there somewhere too (which won’t work the way you think – don’t worry).
      Hotbar v0.2

      Menus v0.2
      The font in these screenshots is an extra early version – I plan on making it larger and thicker, to allow for bolding.
      These are what players will see whenever they want to tweak something. My plan is to make ‘recommended’ settings obvious and unavailable or bad settings.. less nice-looking. Obviously players can use whatever settings they like, but the recommended settings would provide the best experience. I’m happy with the style of the buttons, I just have a bit of exploration to do in the language file to decorate the text, similar to what I’ve done in the second screenshot below.
      Menus v0.2 Pause
      Menus v0.2 Settings


        Hearts v0.7
        Hearts are tricky, especially because they’re primarily red. These are legitimately my 7th attempt at making hearts for this project (all within the past day, too). These bear a close resemblance to the health icon in RuneScape, but with the added bonus of a very minimal blur, giving them a more Minecrafty feel.
        Hearts v0.6




          Hearts are looking good, I notice it is US English Only, do you plan to do translations?


            It’s unlikely, but who knows – maybe we’ll eventually have a Translator position.


              After almost two hours of pixel work, I have v0.1 of the capital letters.


              These are all manually scaled up versions of the pixel font seen in previous screenshots. Lowercase letters are next. Bolding issues like the one seen on W will be dealt with last.


                Updated Inventory UI with less.. rainbow in the grain.

                Also created a baseline for chests.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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