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Bringing the vast world of Gielinor to life in Minecraft’s blocky engine


Using actual Old School RuneScape data, we’ve recreated the entire Gielinor landscape, from corner to corner – caves, islands and oceans included.


We’ve spent countless hours outlining, constructing, and furnishing each building, block by block. Every single path, cave wall and tree was also meticulously hand-placed.


Navigate our complete 2D & 3D maps to see just how much land we’ve covered. Put them alongside RuneScape maps of old & notice every detail, right down to individual icons.

Why stop there? Quests and skills are the heart of RuneScape


This isn’t just a blind copy. We’ve taken great care adapting every single skill, quest & user interface to take full advantage of Minecraft’s engine, while retaining RuneScape’s nuances.


Level 91 is still halfway to 99, but it won’t take as long to get there. We realise you won’t spent the next 9 months grinding skills, so we’ve spent time scaling experience gain.


We’re constantly working to bring you new content – including more skills, quests and towns. Let us know in polls (on Twitter and the forums) what we should work on next!

A Resource Pack is half the experience

3D Models

Just like the landscape, we’ve put in the hard work to import & convert actual Old School RuneScape data into Minecraft models.

Custom Textures

Every block and item has been carefully hand-textured to perfection, bringing the imported models to life and completing the overall feel.

Unique Sound

As a bonus, we’re working to also bring you unique sound effects and music influenced by RuneScape’s incredible soundtrack.

That’s the short version!

Ready to Play?

Launch any version of Minecraft 1.8,
connect to,
accept the resource pack download
and embark on your new journey!

Want to know more?

Read our extensive Wiki, skim through our carefully crafted FAQ, or even ask us in the forums, our subreddit or on Twitter!

Meet the creators!

WizardCM (Matt)    RootPC (Zachary)
Motordom (Dom)    I_Is_Sching (Nick)
& so many more!