To make things easier on ourselves, and to those looking to promote our server on social media & Twitch/YouTube, we’ve created a quick reference for you.


Entire project (preferred): oh-seven-craft
Website URL: zero-seven-craft dot com OR oh-seven-craft dot com
Twitter handle: zero-seven-craft project OR oh-seven-craft project


Good (top 4 preferred):Bad:
  • 07craft
  • 07craft: Old School RuneScape in Minecraft
  • 07craft: RuneScape in Minecraft
  • 07craft: OSRS in MC
  • 07craft: RS in MC
  • 07craft – Old School RuneScape in Minecraft
  • 07craft – OSRS in MC
  • 07Craft
  • 07 craft
  • 07CRAFT


We don’t currently have brand colours, so for now use #616161 or #FFFFFF as that’s what we use for the logo on our website.

On Twitter (which is closer to future branding) we use #792F2B for the backdrop and #E7B60A for the text. Do not use the opposite.


Resources coming soon

Video Thumbnails

Resources coming soon