The Team

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While also performing all below roles, this guy administrates the server and manages it all.

  • WizardCM – Matt


The server has to come from somewhere.

  • samfty – Sam


Planning something of this scale is no small feat. These people determine what needs to be done, and try their best to do it. If they can’t, they pass it on to another on the team who can.

  • RootPC – Zachary


What’s a world without buildings and fancy structures?

  • MotordomT – Dominic
  • I_Is_Sching – Nick
  • semmeess – Max
  • AuKtagon – Jarlin


Ahh, the functionality. The part that requires a lot of attention to detail.

  • wiphand – Piotr
  • We are looking for more developers. Click here to apply!


An artist makes textures. Those textures you see all the time.

  • AstroJesus – Jarrod
  • We are looking for more artists. Click here to apply!


Who doesn’t want custom sound effects and music?

  • We are looking for more musicians. Click here to apply!